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MagneMotion to Introduce Transport System at the Lab Automation 2010 Conference, Booth #668

February 23, 2010

New MagneMover™ LITE LSM Transport System Will Address High Volume, Low Mass Applications

Devens, MA (January 13, 2010) –

MagneMotion, a developer and manufacturer of Linear Synchronous Motors (LSM) used for assembly automation, material handling and transportation applications, today announced that it will introduce the MagneMover™ LITE LSM Transport System at the Lab Automation 2010 Conference from January 24-26, 2010 at the Palm Springs Convention Center, Palm Springs, CA in Booth #668.

The MagneMover LITE system builds on MagneMotion’s existing QuickStick® LSM technology while specifically addressing applications requiring the movement of smaller, lighter payloads. Where the current QuickStick LSM is often applied to the transport of larger, heavier loads on pallets from 150 mm to over a meter in length, the new MagneMover LITE is a transport system that is designed to rapidly and accurately move loads weighing less than 2 kg on simple, 60 mm pucks.

The new MagneMover LITE design features motor modules that also function as the transport system track pieces. A selection of standard motor shapes form the track building blocks that fit together in a plug-and-play manner to provide an almost endless variety of layout options. The motors contain the propulsion, guidance and control elements plus the structural support features to allow for rapid assembly and track configuration. The system is ideally suited for environments requiring clean operation and wash down or wipe down capability. As each puck is uniquely identified and constantly tracked throughout the system, MagneMover LITE also supplies built-in traceability as required by the lab automation, pharmaceutical and food packaging industries.

“Based on a demand from the laboratory automation, small electronics, pharmaceutical manufacturing and packaging sectors for a high performance alternative to conventional conveyance systems, MagneMotion has developed a new linear motor-based solution to accommodate the smaller, lighter payloads typical of these applications,” stated Peter Mattila, Vice President of Sales and Marketing. “The new MagneMover LITE product that we are introducing provides a turnkey transport solution in response to these market needs. With lab automation as a primary target market, MagneMover LITE is ideally suited to moving tubes, vials and trays allowing significant improvements in the speed and accuracy of many applications. With built-in anti-collision features, individual and independent control of dozens, hundreds or even thousands of pucks in a system and transport speeds of 2 meters per second, MagneMover LITE is a significantly more capable alternative to conventional conveyance systems that currently service these markets. Sample and liquid handling will no longer be a bottleneck,” Mattila concluded.

For more information on the new MagneMover LITE transport system, please click here.

About MagneMotion

MagneMotion provides Linear Synchronous Motors (LSMs) and advanced transport solutions for high performance assembly, process, test and manufacturing automation. MagneMotion’s LSM products are used to create faster, more efficient, and more reliable automation solutions than conventional systems. The LSM technology is embodied in the company’s QuickStick and MagneMover product lines, which can accommodate a variety of acceleration, speed, and payload requirements. MagneMotion’s advanced LSM technology is a breakthrough and provides significant advantages in powering automation, manufacturing and logistics systems, as well as in a new class of shipboard elevators developed for the U.S. Navy. In addition, MagneMotion is developing a new generation of Magnetic Levitation (Maglev) technology for urban transit applications under contract to the Federal Transit Administration. Organizations ranging from the U.S. military and government agencies, to Fortune 100? companies, to leading automation systems integrators adopt MagneMotion’s technology for superior results.

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