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wTe Corporation Introduces ZebraSort™ System

April 14, 2011

Bedford, Massachusetts, April 14, 2011 ? wTe Corporation announced today that its

Spectramet® subsidiary has completed the design, manufacture and installation of its first commercial

scale proprietary ZebraSortTM metal alloy sorter. The system, developed in conjunction with National

Recovery Technologies, Inc., is targeted at sorting metal alloys from the mixed non?ferrous materials

generated by automobile shredders and waste?to?energy facilities. The initial system is located at

Spectramet’s technical research center located in Greenfield, MA, and will be dedicated to processing

mixed non?ferrous metals from various sources.


The ZebraSortTM system is the next step in a platform of metals sorting technologies developed

by wTe and NRT through their Spectramet® venture. ZebraSortTM further expands the existing

Spectramet® product line, which includes the AlloySortTM system, the ZSortTM system and other related

technologies. In the coming year, Spectramet® intends to further expand the technology platform to

also target small particle sizes through its proprietary ChipSortTM system, while also looking at molten

metal applications with its Melt CognitionTM technology.


Dr. David Spencer, wTe’s Chief Technical Officer, commented that “The new ZebraSortTM system

gives us a leading position in the sorting of mixed metals generated by auto shredders and waste?toenergy


plants. We believe that this family of technologies will largely replace the wet systems and

manual sorting methods currently used in many overseas markets.” As a result of this project, Dr.

Spencer suggests that there will be less United States dependence on supplies of strategic virgin metals

recovered at primary refineries from ore (most of which are purchased abroad), there will be substantial

energy savings from use of scrap rather than ore and virgin metals, and there will be greatly reduced

emissions because secondary smelting consumes much less energy than primary production followed by



Scott Mellen, President and CEO, added, “While the Asian and Indian markets currently import

most of these mixed metals to support a manual labor strategy, we firmly believe that automated

sorting technologies will gradually replace manual techniques over the next five to ten years. wTe and NRT intend to capitalize on this trend by developing opportunities to build, own and operate sorting systems or enter into strategic licensing or partnership arrangements in strategic applications and geographies.”


Dr. Edward Sommer, President of NRT, commented on the crucial role of the federal

government in assisting Spectramet’s technology development platform, noting that “The National

Science Foundation and the ATP and TIP Programs at the Department of Commerce have been very supportive of our development efforts. While wTe and NRT funded the vast majority of the ZebraSortTM development, our current $11.4 million TIP program and several National Science Foundation projects have been crucial to the development of the Spectramet® platform. There is no doubt that these technologies will improve the competitive position of the United States in the manufacturing sector going forward.”


About wTe Corporation

wTe Corporation is a technology?driven recycling company located in Bedford, MA. The

Company operates downstream plastics and metals recycling and refining operations in several locations

in North America. Spectramet® LLC is a company owned by wTe Corporation and National Recovery Technologies, Inc. Spectramet® is a world?wide leader in the development of high speed sorting systems using a platform of x?ray based and other sorting technologies. Melt CognitionTM LLC, a joint venture with Energy Research Co., Staten Island, NY and Materials Strategies, Inc., Worcester, MA, promotes development and sale of optoelectronic equipment for continuously measuring liquid metal composition and controlling melt chemistry on?line. For more information, please visit www.wte.com

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